It’s winter.  If your special gardener is showing signs of “green lawn envy”, “flowerless flu” or weeding withdrawals”, you better act fast.   Bring the garden indoors and cure gardening gloom with your Valentine’s Day gardening gifts!

Yes, indoor gardening is different than digging in the dirt outside, but it’s still gardening!   You can still feel the dirt under your nails, watch the plants grow, and enjoy the flowers.  Check out these fun gift ideas to help cure the winter time blues and make big points on Valentine’s Day!
Grow lights are a great substitute for natural sunlight with indoor plants like African Violets or orchids.  Grow light systems also help gardeners get a head start on planting spring seedlings early or you can grow and enjoy fresh herbs or vegetables all winter long. 

If space is an issue for your special gardener, you may want to select a smaller tabletop grow light with easy assembly.  Otherwise, you can choose a larger grow light system with multiple shelves for plants, pots, or seedlings of all sizes.  Make sure you look for the systems that let you adjust the height of the lights.  It’s important to move the light source higher, away from the plants as they grow.

Speaking of starting seedlings, other fun gift ideas are Seedstarter Kits that includes everything from pots, greenhouse covers, self-watering trays, fertilizer and even dirt!   This Garden Starter Kit (shown above) not only provides a seedling starter kit, it also comes with a small grow light system that easily sits on a small table or kitchen counter.  They’ll thank you for thinking of everything – all they have to do is select the seeds they want to grow!

These professional-like grow light systems easy to operate and very energy efficient.  Their T-5 bulbs use 45% less energy than fluorescent bulbs and offer 10,000 hours of light.  (For more information about grow light systems, read Grow Lights Shed New Light On Indoor Gardening.)

Another gift idea for winter gardening is a beautiful garden glass terrarium.  It’s fun to create your own indoor miniature garden in a Coventry Terrarium  or a Small Wardian Case .  And they’re both unique additions to any home decor.  Again, you can find smaller tabletop terrariums or other larger containers that come complete with their own stand.  (Read more about garden terrariums:  Glass Terrarium Make Great Gardening Gifts For Indoor Gardening.)


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