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Gardening and Landscaping, a monthly magazine from Innovamedia Publications which offers gardening and landscaping ideas from the world's best gardeners. Our mission is to help gardeners grow. Gardening and Landscaping provides in-depth coverage of gardening ideas, landscaping ideas, creative gardening and landscaping designs, gardening tips, gardening designs and landscaping designs for both the amateur and the accomplished gardener. You’ll get both information and inspiration on every page!

Gardening and Landscaping offers gardening india latest news, tips, trends, information, product reviews, technical updates, and management solutions for garden centres, growers, nurseries, landscape contractors, professional lawn care operators, sports turf managers, and in-house grounds managers.
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With every issue, we will share the ideal landscape ideas for rock garden, organic gardening as also advise on garden maintenance and tools such as lawn mower, garden accessories, garden lighting, fertilizers, pesticides and much more.

So, has your group even started talking yet about Boss’s Day on October 16?   What about your Boss Day gift?  Of course, there’s always the group lunch (better if the company pays the bill!) but how about something unique this year. Bonsai trees are great eco friendlly gifts that don’t require a huge amount of attention or gardening expertise but sure brighten up indoor spaces.

Growing bonsai trees is a very popular hobby and they make great conversation pieces and decor for home or an office.  But how do you decide if an indoor bonsai tree is right for your Boss Day gift?

Special tools are available for pruning and shaping bonsai.  You can purchase tools individually or you may want to check out the sets including the 4-piecestarter tool set with everything needed for beginning bonsai.  And don’t forget a beautiful bonsai book  -  a great gift for anyone interested in learning more about bonsai trees – and the perfect Boss Day gift.


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